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1. I went to the doctor yesterday. I’ve gained a few more pounds. Maybe it’s all the brownies, pizza, cheese, chips and salsa, lattes, Dr Pepper, etc. (God, that sounded excessive.) I hate when people say “I’m trying to be good” when offered a piece of something delicious. Just say you don’t want it or that you’re trying to maintain your weight or something. On a related note, I’ve been paying $16/month to the YMCA since May. I’ve gone twice.

2. Law and Order: Los Angeles sucks.

3. I’m giving blood tomorrow. I’m two months overdue on that.

4. My ex-wife was in town for a long weekend. She left Monday morning. It was a good visit, I think. We’re still trying to figure out what “being just friends” looks like for us. There were a few bumps, but I’m very glad (and very lucky) that she’s in my life.

5. I’m spending Thanksgiving week in Mississippi with my family. I’m leaving Wichita on Sunday. I’ve also made plans to see at least three high school friends. I’m worried b/c my goal lately is to Be My Whole Self The Whole Time, and I can’t do that with my high school friends.

6. I’m spending a lot of time staring at these barstools that I can’t afford.

7. I’ve been trying to come up with the right word for my general mood lately. Bored? Apathetic? Tired? All of the above and then some?

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